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These series of six banners were done for the City of Oakland's Temescal district. One of the semi-finalist designs, these banners are designed to hang from light poles lining Telegraph Avenue from 40th Street to the Berkeley border.

Even for Oakland, the Temescal is an extremely diverse neighborhood, and I wanted the banner designs to reflect. that. I used design elements and plants that are found both in original cultures and in the Temescal for each image.

The first banner focuses on native, Californio and contemporary Latino heritage. I include an image of Temescal Creek, a sunburst image and Bird of Paradise plants. The girl's hair is braided with red, green, and yellow ribbons. The next banner features local landmark the 1850 Brick House, sycamore trees in the fall, and a figure reflecting the neighborhood's Italian heritage.

The third image celebrates African Americans, who came to the area beginning in the 1920s and during WWII. Over the woman's shoulder is her family tree. The Temescal also marks the northern part of Korea Town. Cherry trees are found all over the neighborhood, this one in full blossom.

The area is also home to the United States' largest community of Ethiopians and Eretrians. The background features Ethiopian stars and palm trees. Finally, the neighborhood is home to many families. There are many schools and children's programs in the area. This is also where Oakland's renowned Children's Hospital is located.